Polysiv manufactures two different kinds of toys.

Large hollow blocks, suitable for 2-9 years of age. Children love to use their imagination in creating endless combinations of colorful shapes and structures with these blocks.

At present, there are 8 different shapes with the development of more interesting and exciting shapes in process.

Spin Dish and Polytop:
The Spin Dish is recommended for ages 2 months to 5 years.
The Polytop is recommended for ages 3-9 years.

Both the Spin Dish and the Polytop are recommended for sportive, creative fun for both outdoor and indoor play and since they float they are also fun for water play. Children have a great time while exercising their sense of balance and coordination.

Both products are made of Polyethylene, are recyclable and environmentally friendly, while being safe, lightweight, durable products that stand up to the rays of the sun.