Polysiv manufactures tanks made of Polyethylene in different volumes of between 100-10,000 liters.

Advantages and Qualities

  1. The tanks are made of Polyethylene and are therefore environmentally friendly and recyclable. Their smooth interior makes them easy to rinse and clean.
  2. The tanks are available in black or white (half transparent) or a special order can be made for any color according to the requirements of the client.
  3. There are two types of tanks: horizontal and vertical.
  4. Septic Tanks: suitable for underground and ground level use. Polysiv manufactures in different volumes of 2,4, 6, and 8 cubic meters with the possibility of adding pipes in the diameters of 110, 160, 200 and 250mm.
  5. The tanks are approved for storage of drinking water and foods.
  6. The tanks have excellent chemical resistance.
  7. The tanks have excellent durability and excellent resistance to UV rays.
  8. They are lightweight.
  9. All tanks in the volume of 100-2,000 liters include a threaded cover of 350mm diameter.
  10. All tanks in the volume of 2,500-10,000 liters include a manhole cover of 450mm diameter.
  11. All the tanks have a standard outlet of 2" at the bottom of the tank.
  12. Larger outlets of different sizes in different places are available from 3/4" to 10" according to the requirements of the client.