Polysiv - Plastic Road Barriers (N.J.)

The road barriers are quickly and easily joined to one another, each unit is 2 meters long and 1 meter high and weighs about 30kg (empty).

At present, there are two types, normal and stackable.

A 40' container can hold 85 regular New Jersey units and 160 stackable.

The upper part of the barrier has an inlet of 2" with built in plugs for filling with water. The lower part of the unit has an outlet of 2" for emptying.

The maximum amount of water the New Jersey can hold is 250 liters.

The units come in standard colors of white and red, however, it is possible to obtain other colors according to the requirements of the client.

It is also possible to receive the barriers with a logo or symbol, according to the client's requirements.

The barriers are lightweight. There is no need for heavy machinery. The barriers are excellent for places of foundation or road works where there is a need to move them often.

The barriers are also most useful for parking lots.