Polysiv - Manhole Control Units for Sewage made of Polyethylene

Polysiv supplies an advanced, smart solution to the inspection chamber unit for sewage made of Polyethylene which is made by Polysiv's unique technology.

These units are available in modular sizes in the following diameters: 40, 45, 50, 60, 80 and 100cm, in an almost unlimited range of heights. The manholes are easily and quickly installed to suit all requirements, while ensuring total protection of the environment.

Main Advantages

  1. Sealed system, preventing leakage to groundwater.
  2. The manholes are smooth, preventing the accumulation of dirt.
  3. Roots cannot penetrate the manhole.
  4. Excellent and durable resistance to chemicals.
  5. The manholes are lightweight and installation is easy, simple and very quick.
  6. The manholes are made of environmentally friendly material and are recyclable.