Company Profile - Polysiv Plastic Products Limited

Polysiv was established by private motivators and has been working since January 1992 in Beit Shemesh.

The factory is based on knowledge and years of experience in the Rotational Molding process. The factory works in 3 shifts and employes approximately 60 people. Furthermore, it maintains a quality control system and their standards meet the demands of the Israel Standard 307 for manholes and those of the International Standards for the ISO 9002.

Polysiv's products are made of Polyethylene and are:

  • Tanks in the capacity of 100-10,000
  • Road Barriers - N.J. (plastic)
  • Manhole Control Units for sewage
  • Toys
  • Specialized products according to client requirements

Polysiv's leading product is the Manhole Control Unit for the Year 2000 made of Polyethylene. Its main advantages are that it protects the environment and stands up to the use of chemicals, and is easily and quickly installed.

The factory produces for the local market as well as export, while emphasizing quality products.
The factory has all the knowledge and equipment needed to adjust to the specific requirements of the customer's needs as well as for the planning and production of new products.

Polysiv is also willing to supply the required equipment and knowledge to factories starting up in production using the Rotomolding products.